Monday madness

Monday madness

After a long or short, busy or boring weekend isn't it always a Monday that you dread? Is it because it symbolizes the work week or the beginning of the time to handle business or just because the weekend is over?

All three if you ask my opinion! Thats why its always best to be happy regardless of the situation because happiness is the only thing you control without repercussions! Yeah you have control over your life, your decisions and your thought process... but your happiness is at an expense to precious to be unbalanced or mishandled!

Monday madness... beginning with you and your happiness! Set the tone of your chaotic work week with positive vibes only! Set the tone of the vibes you receive but giving the vibes you allow in return! Monday madness is a metaphor for lets get that ✔! Regardless of what opposition present itself. 

Happiness above all!!!!